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Welcome to North America!

There's so much to see and do here that you might never want to leave... almost. Home of the stunningly beautiful Canadian Rockies where we spend most of our time, to the lush and moody Pacific Northwest, to the sunny beaches of California. We could go on and on... but why not check out our favorite spots?

Seeing the Larches in Lake O’Hara & Yoho National Park

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Larch Madness! Yes! It's that time of year again! 'Larch Madness' has taken over in the Rockies and everyone's going crazy for those incredible golden pine trees (the Larch Pines). Whether it's in Banff, Yoho [...]

Exploring Treehouse Hotels in British Columbia

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A weekend in a treehouse hotel? Yes please In general, Louise and I lead a pretty hectic life. Between various projects, travelling, keeping the blog running and our love of the outdoors, having a day [...]

Melting Glaciers: Climate Change at the Columbia Icefields

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Climate change is something that I suppose wouldn’t typically be explored on a travel blog, but when we’re talking about something that affects this beautiful world we love to explore so dearly, I feel like [...]