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Hey guys! Welcome to our world. We’re an

adventure-seeking, travel-loving couple

who are constantly on the go.

About Louise

I’m a born and raised mountain girl from Banff, Alberta. Yes, I was actually born there. And yes, people actually live in Banff 😉 Despite growing up skiing, hiking and just about every other outdoor activity imaginable, it wasn’t until I left the Rockies that I truly fell in love with them. After finishing my International Business degree and studying abroad in Hong Kong, I rushed back home, planted roots in Calgary and now spend every spare moment back home in the mountains where I belong. Robin and I travel as often as we can, but I never want to take our beautiful backyard for granted again. We spend just as much time exploring the Rockies, because let’s face it: there’s nowhere on Earth quite like it.

About Robin

I grew up near London, England – about as far away from the mountains as you can get. In 2012 I decided to take a Gap Year before starting Med School and chose the most obscure place I’d never heard of: Banff. While out one night, I met Louise and the rest is history 🙂 I did a year of Med School, before switching things up and completing my Masters of International Real Estate. I returned to Canada, got my Permanent Resident status, and am now a full-time travel writer and photographer.

Our most frequently asked questions:

  • What camera do you shoot with? 

    We do most of our shooting with the Canon 5D Mark III.
    Our favorites lens is the Tamron 24-70mm.

  • How do you travel so much?

    For us, travel is a priority. It’s not just about allocating time (we are never home on the weekends), but budgeting for it as well. We don’t: party, drink, go for expensive dinners, buy expensive clothing, or drive a fancy car.

  • What are your favorite hikes in Banff? 

    We’ve written all about our Top 5 hikes in Banff here.

  • How did you meet and how long have you been together?

    We met 6 years ago in the mountain town of Banff, when Robin was visiting Canada for a ski season. Since both of us were still in school, we endured 3 years of long distance, which actually made us a much stronger couple. You can read all about that here.

  • Where is your favorite place you’ve traveled to?

    In terms of sheer breathtaking beauty, I’d have to say Thailand takes the cake.

  • How can I work with Elite Jetsetter?

    We love meeting new people and working with new brands. For more information on what exactly we do, please check out our Work With Us page.


We are photographers, storytellers, creators and most importantly; travellers.

Louise Tee

Louise Tee

Business Development

Bachelor of Commerce (International Business).
Has travelled to 24 countries and counting.
Speaks 3 languages. Loves pasta.
@wzylouisey on Instagram.

Robin Tuck

Creative Director

Masters in International Real Estate. British.
Has travelled to over 33 countries.
Speaks 3 languages.
@robintuck1 on Instagram.