Amazing Places to Visit in Thailand: Video edition

May 22, 2017 | 4 comments

Why write a long, boring blog post when a video can tell the story so much better! Here’s a video of some of the incredible highlights of our recent Thailand trip, which included stops in Phuket, Koh Lanta, Krabi Province and Koh Phi Phi.

See the list below for all featured locations, the time they appear in the video and a brief description.

(It was too wet to get the video camera out for the photo in the video thumbnail, but it’s from the Krabi Hot Springs (Klong Thom)).


0 – Two Sea Tour, Phuket (click for the full blog post!)- An incredible day of kayaking around lagoons and islands in Phang Nga Bay. The tour starts early, beats the crowds is probably the best tour we’ve ever been on. Hands down was the highlight of our trip.

0:22 – Wat Chalong, Phuket – Beautiful temples in the heart of Phuket (would recommend renting a scooter/car)

0:26 – Bang Pae Waterfall – Free but donations welcome. (hidden gem that requires a car/scooter) A short walk into the rainforest for a dip in a beautiful natural waterfall. Worth the drive on a hot, sticky day.

0:34: – Monkey Hill, Phuket – A great, free attraction. Requires a car/scooter. Can walk but it’s an enormous hill so make sure you’re fit! Dozens of monkeys live in the area and are regularly fed by a local man that looks after them. Time your visit right and he’ll give you a handful of peanuts to give to the monkeys! Wild animals, use caution!

0:40- Koh Lanta 4 Islands Tour

Snorkelling/swimming tour on a speedboat. Join a floatilla of other speedboats to see the local sights. Very crowded but a fun day out if you feel like a swim and want to see all the islands regardless.

0:45 – Emerald Cave – The “highlight” of the 4 islands tour. Would be incredible to see minus the literally hundreds of people that are crammed in. Incredible seawater lagoon and fun swim but don’t come here to get away from the crowds!

0:48 – Koh Cheok (snorkeling stop) – Stop here for a little snorkle. Lots of little tingly jellyfish in the water when we were there and we nearly got swept away by the current…but a nice swimming spot if it’s a hot day!

0:52 – Koh Lanta Old Town: Sleepy seaside town. Very, very quiet with some amazing restaurants facing the water. Many of the restaurants look tiny from the front but have enormous areas at the back with insane views. Thai food to die for as well!

0:54 – Pa Phru Tha Pom Khlong Song Nam (Krabi Province) – Mangrove Boardwalk – We would never have found this place if it wasn’t for the enormous street signs along the highway. The benefit of driving yourself around I guess! A unique experience!

0:57 – Emerald Pool (Sa Morakot) – Easily one of the highlights of the trip. Get there early to avoid crowds and experience it in the quiet. Watch out for nibbling fish!

1:01 – Blue Pool – Too hot to swim in but worth trekking through the jungle for!

1:04 – Wat Bang Riang – Another place we found while exploring. Beautiful temple complex on top of a mountain. Need a car to get to it though!

1:13 – Railay Beach 4 Island tour: Poda Island – We rented a long tail for a few hours, and it wasn’t too expensive. Especially as we could pick and choose how long we wanted to stay at each location on the tour. The boat driver just chills while you grab the most delicious coconut of your life (Poda island).

1:19 – Bor Thor Caves, Krabi – Another hidden gem we weren’t expecting. If it’s raining we’d recommend hiring a long tail boat. Otherwise take longer with a kayak trip!

1:29 – Tiger Cave Temple – Better to do this one on a cooler day because you’re going to work up a sweat! Not too difficult and worth the views from the top!

1:38 – Koh Phi Phi ferry

1:40 – Phi Phi Cliff Beach Resort – click to check their rates! Beautiful infinity pool and hotel away from the crowds. If you want to do Phi Phi but don’t want to be kept up all night with loud music and partying, this is the place for you. The hotel is built into the cliff and has regular cheeky monkey visitors!

1:43 – Kayaking to Monkey lagoon, Koh Phi Phi – A few Baht for an hour of kayaking. Take the kayak from the beach at Phi Phi and head out to sea and around the left peninsula. There’s a nice little beach with plenty of monkeys! They like to steal things though, so watch out!

1:47 – Monkeys at Monkey Lagoon

1:49 – Hike to Phi Phi Lookout point – Make sure you follow the signs really well! We took a wrong turn and walked the really, really long way around. Beautiful views from the top and the perfect way to start the day off!

1:55 Thai boxing at Reggae Bar, Phi Phi –  Legendary bar in phi phi where anyone can step up for a round. Anyone that enters and faces another customer in the ring wins a free bucket. Worth it? We’ll let you be the judge.

1:56 – New Years Eve on Phi Phi – Best place to be for a party! Don’t expect a big firework display but it’s where you want to be as the clock strikes 12!

2:02 – Maya Bay Tour, Phi Phi – Another insanely busy tour. Go as early or as late as humanly possibly to avoid the crowds, and try to do it on a day where the tides allow for an early trip in! We couldn’t go any earlier than 8 on the day we went, so naturally the crowds were already there!


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  1. Ajay Kumar

    Thanks for sharing this useful post !! i am really going to book a holiday package for Thailand with my family. Thailand is such a nice place to fun and enjoy.

  2. Romy

    Thanks for sharing this video! Were you there during the rainy season? I am visiting Thailand this upcoming July and I’m just wondering which island to visit. A sun guarantee is not necessary (and not possible), but I would love to hear from someone who was there during the same period!

    • Robin Tuck

      We were there in January this time but I have been there during rainy season. Honestly it didn’t affect our experience too much – when it rains you just go inside or wear a poncho! Actually we went to the full moon during a pretty heavy rainstorm and it didn’t slow the party down one bit. Added to the atmosphere if anything! Generally speaking tropical rainstorms blast through and you’ll still get sun on most days. You might get the odd day where it rains the whole time but that’s not the default as far as I can remember. Phi Phi was also a similar story to ko Phangnan. The party still continues! Also makes boats a bit choppier and scooter riding a bit tougher but still not too much of an issue. Keep an eye out for flooding and avoid those areas but I’m not sure you can really plan for that in advance! Hope that helps and have a great time!

  3. Kimi Soni

    Thank you so much for this informative post. Here you explain everything about Thailand really nice post.


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