The Johnston Canyon Ice Walk in Banff National Park

Johnston Canyon is one of the most scenic and popular hikes in Banff National Park. It features a boardwalk that takes you inside a gorgeous canyon full of rushing water and seven gorgeous waterfalls. It’s so popular because it’s accessible to just about anybody. The walkway is paved with minimal elevation gain.

While the canyon is teeming with people in the summer, winter is the season that this place really shines. The sharp blue of the water contrasts with the snow and ice and make it one of Banff’s most photogenic spots. We could describe it in further detail but we’ll let the video and photos do the talking on this one.

Johnston Canyon Winter

Pathway at Johnston Canyon

Johnston Canyon Winter

Walking at Johnston Canyon

Johnston Canyon Winter

Lower Falls


Johnston Canyon Winter

Johnston Canyon Lower Falls

Johnston Canyon Winter

Secret Cave at Johnston Canyon

Johnston Canyon Winter hike

Upper Falls at Johnston Canyon

Johnston Canyon Winter

Hiding Behind the Waterfall

Johnston Canyon Winter

The Beautiful Freezing River

Johnston Canyon Winter

Make sure to check out our hiking partners’ blog – bingoandbunny – for more great photos and a fantastic video of the hike!

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Round trip time to the Lower Falls: 1 hour

Round trip time to the Upper Falls: 2 hours

Round trip time to the Ink Pots: 4 hours


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