Blogging Media Kits… And why every blogger should have one!

May 13, 2017 | 2 comments

If you’re looking to partner with major brands and businesses, having a good looking media kit in your arsenal is vital. Read on to find out everything you need to know about blogging media kits!

What is a media kit?

A media kit is a quick one page summary of all your blogging/social media activity. It should have a quick summary of who you are, what you do, what you can offer and if possible, brands you’ve worked with before.

It should also ideally contain all your major stats and demographics, as well as the reach of every social media channel you have. Let’s run through it in a bit more detail:

What should go in your blogging media kit?


Demographics are important, and again, they can help us to align our clients’ expectations with the outcome from a partnership. If you have 90% female readership, chances are that your blog and a men’s watch brand might not align well together. As bloggers, we want our relationships to be win-win, and the more information we can give up front to other businesses about the nature of our blog and our reach, the less chance we will have of over promising, under-delivering and ruining our own reputation.

It can also help clients reach a quicker decision, which ultimately prevents us wasting more time than necessary on partnerships that aren’t going to go forward.

media kit blog

Past work:

Showing a portfolio of past projects and work for other brands can be immensely reassuring for a new potential client. It adds enormous credibility to your site, and it gives you a chance to showcase the kind of results you’ve been able to provide in previous campaigns. This media kit is a CV by any other name, and it’s your chance to show off your best work!

Media kit blogger

About the blog:

Probably most importantly, a section about your blog can make or break a partnership. Brands want to see if your vision and your voice aligns with their goals and it’s your chance to really nail your elevator pitch in a few short lines. What can you offer and why should brands want to work with you?

Social Media Reach:

If you’re present on various social media platforms, now’s your chance to show just how far your reach is. Being on just Instagram or just having a blog isn’t enough these days, and being able to prove that you have access to a variety of users across several platforms is crucial for landing those contracts that everyone is after. From a personal perspective, it can also help you highlight the areas you still need to improve. Our first media kit showed us a few gaping holes in our portfolio and it was really useful to see the gaps on paper.

Creative content:

If you’re in the business of creating visual content, a blogging media kit is also an awesome opportunity to show off your best works. If you can help a potential client visualise the kind of content you might be making them, it might just make the difference. They might even enlist your services for personal content creation for their own business! The opportunities are endless!

Why should you have a blogging media kit?

-To Create Value

Blogger relationships are reciprocal. There can be this perception that bloggers just walk around getting everything for free, but the reality is that there’s a load of work that goes into blogging, and businesses, most of all, have come to expect that. Businesses work with bloggers in return for a certain level of exposure or content, and the more information you can provide about that service (or your reach), the more likely you are to have your services accepted. If you can be clear about what you can offer, expectations are usually more aligned with reality and your clients are likely to be significantly more satisfied.

-To Appear Professional

It’s all too common to reach out to a business, only to hear back with a luke-warm response because they’ve been burned before by other so-called bloggers. It’s sad to say it, but there are a few phoney bloggers out there giving us all a bad name; those that are prepared to use and abuse businesses to get (and essentially steal) free stuff without ever intending to provide any services in return. Unfortunately, when that happens, we all tend to get painted with the same brush and it gets that much harder to convince businesses to work with us. That’s where having a media kit and a professional portfolio of works is critical to proving you’re legitimate.

If you want to be taken seriously by businesses, you need credibility, and credibility comes by proving that this isn’t a one-time scam to get some free stuff. Having a portfolio of your work at your fingertips and having a professional looking media kit can be a huge source of reassurance for businesses, because it’s obvious that you’ve invested a great deal of your own time and resources into the blog. The more you can make a business think you’re serious about blogging and prove that you have an audience, the more seriously they’re going to take you as a blogger.

Here are a couple of examples of our earlier media kits. There’s really no rule for media kits, only that they should be reflective of your blog’s personality!

blogger Media Kit example

Get Elite Jetsetter to make your Blogging Media Kit!

Yep, if you’ve been itching to put a personalised blogger media kit together but don’t have the time to do it yourself, shoot us an email and we’ll send you a quote!

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      Hi Betty, thanks so much for checking out the blog! We’d love to visit Austria some time, it looks beautiful ?


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