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There's so much to see and do here that you might never want to leave.... Check out some of the posts below for some of our favourite experiences and adventures in Western Canada.


HEYYY! Nice to meet you ūüôā

I’m a born and raised mountain girl from Banff and my boyfriend fianc√©/ photographer Robin is a city boy from London, England. As a team we’ve covered over 35 different countries around the world. We’re absolutely obsessed with the outdoors, travel, and sharing our passion & insights with our friends and readers. Feel free to drop us a note and join us on the mountain.

Happy adventuring!

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  • If you dont like the weather in Albertawait 5 minutes
  • feelinggrateful happy CANADIAN thanksgiving long weekend friends I get asked
  • going to make a few more attempts at fall hiking
  • I love autumn in Alberta its my favorite week of
  • camping in negative temps is really great I really recommend
  • looking forward to the next time Im in the wilderness
  • never thought Id be missing this heat but its just
  • saw this lake at sunset perfect and I mean PERFECT
  • sometimes lake louise looks good enough to drink but I
  • lake ohara is notoriously hard to camp at we manage
  • the English wedding was a success  cant believe I
  • Scotland has been nothing short of a dream come true

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  • Looking outside its hard to believe that we only took
  • Headed to foggy old London Town for wedding round two
  • ad Is anyone else terrible at keeping their equipment in
  • Up before sunrise for an insane view of the valley
  • Who else likes to explore by themselves? Its something I
  • Spending the next few days exploring Italys Amalfi Coast and
  • Went looking for autumn and found something better While everyone
  • Last few days on the Isle of Skye have absolutely
  • Things Ive learnt from our adventures in the desert 1
  • wzylouisey getting in those iPhone bangers while I creep around
  • Just over a year ago wzylouisey and I hiked up
  • The weather hasnt been on our side for weeks now

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