Cheap Accommodation in Banff

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Finding Cheap Accommodation in Banff

Like any other vacation destination, it has a reputation for being pricey but there are ways to find cheap accommodation in Banff without breaking the bank. Banff revolves around the tourism industry and that means you’ll find a lot of hotels, restaurants and shops to suit your needs. Saving money on accommodation allows you to enjoy other activities and gives you more options when you’re traveling.

Here are our top options:

1. Tunnel Mountain Resort  – One-bedroom apartment with loft

$20-30/person/night (based on 6 people): Click here to see rates

This enormous suite offers up to 4 beds and can sleep up to 8 people (we’ve even crammed 10 people in before by bringing an extra air mattress – shh). The best part? It’s super affordable. The rate starts at about $179  which makes it about $20-30/person/night depending on your group size. Hint: they charge $20 for each extra person who stays in the room but who says you have to tell them how many there really are?

Similar properties:
The Banff Inn
Irwin’s Mountain Inn
Inns of Banff
The Hidden Ridge Resort

Here are the current rates on these hotels.

2.AirBnb – Rent the entire house

$30-40/person/night (based on 6 people)

Airbnb is taking over as the newest preferred option for young travelers around the world. The site lets you rent directly from the owner of the property and you get your choice of shared room, private room or entire home/apt. If you’re coming as a big group, this is definitely one of the cheaper options. When you book one of these properties you can potentially save a lot of money on food because they almost always come with a full kitchen that you’re free to use. As far as cheap accommodation goes, this one’s a pretty good option!

AirBnb isn’t really allowed in the park, so you might end up finding a place in Canmore rather than Banff. Still a nice option if you’re looking for somewhere cheap!

To reserve one of these properties check out

3.Tunnel Mountain Campground – Two Jack Lake Campground – camping: $27-50/tent/night

 You’re in a National Park, so the camping options are plentiful. For those travelers who are a little bit higher maintenance, the campgrounds in Banff also offer the option of “oTENTiks” which are similar to cabins and all you have to bring are your own sleeping bags. There’s electricity and heating inside, but the washrooms are still shared with the campground. These oTENTiks cost around $120/night and if you have more than 2 people, this is a great option. These are available from May 26 – Sept 19 every year. For information or to reserve call 1.877.RESERVE or

Otentik Banff cheap accommodation

4.Banff Hostels: $30-50/person/night

Banff is a young (aka “party”) town full of energy and if you want to get involved, hostels are a great way to meet new friends and drinking buddies. They also tend to be one of the cheapest ways to go. You can choose from private rooms, shared rooms and even co-ed rooms. These hostels are all conveniently located on or near Banff Ave, so you’re just a quick walk away from the city centre where you can find food, drinks, and entertainment.

Banff Hostels:
HI Banff
Samesun Backpackers

To reserve one of these rooms check out

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