Fairmont Hot Springs – The Secret Hot Waterfall

Nov 19, 2019 | 4 comments

2021 Important Update: The trail down to the Hotsprings waterfall has now completely eroded, and walking down to the springs is extremely dangerous and should be avoided, not to mention it’s completely covered in slippery snow/ice! Please instead try to visit the many other hot pools and springs operated by Fairmont Hot Springs Resort above.

Fairmont Hot Springs’ hot waterfall is probably one of the best kept secrets in the Canadian Rockies. Hidden in the East Kootenays in British Columbia, this beautiful hot waterfall is hiding in plain sight, directly under the developed and privately owned Fairmont Hot Springs Resort.

If you’re on a hot spring hunting trip to the area (this area is packed with hot springs like Lussier Hot Springs, Ram Creek, Fairmont and Radium), then you absolutely have to make a stop here!

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The Hot Springs Waterfall

In my mind, I’ve never been quite sure if the water from the waterfall is coming directly from a hot spring or indirectly via the swimming pools above.

One is significantly grosser than the other, but it’s something I’d rather not think about! -Having said that, I have heard rumours that occasionally if someone has a ‘code brown’ in the hot springs above, they’ll basically eject the water above onto the springs below…causing a poo tidal wave. So basically, be down there at your own risk!

Either way, the water and the heat comes from a natural springs, cascading from the cliffs above and entering several shallow pools. The springs aren’t particularly deep, but the water is certainly hot enough to warm up in.

Fairmont hot springs BC

Either way, it makes for a nice escape from the winter frost, and we make the pilgrimage out here at least once a year! We usually stop here on our way to Lussier Hot Springs or Ram Creek.

How to find the Hot Springs Waterfall

Unfortunately, due to the safety concerns associated with accessing the hot springs, we’ve decided to remove our directions. With the trail eroding so badly, it’s just really not a great idea anymore and we don’t feel comfortable sharing the information. It’s also on private property, so it would be better to visit the maintained facilities! So sorry!

hot pools in Fairmont BC - secret

Visit Fairmont Hot Springs Resort instead

Instead of risking your neck trying to get to the waterfall, Fairmont Hot Springs Resort is actually an amazing alternative, especially if you’re going to drive all the way here. Here are a few good things to know about Fairmont Hot Springs Resort:

The Hot Springs

The official Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Hot Springs are actually one of my favourite built out hot springs in Canada. There’s plenty of space, amazing views, and nice rock features that make you feel like you’re actually in a pool carved out of rock.

Aside from how it looks, it’s nice to know that it’s cleaned regularly and is chlorinated, has limitations on occupancy (for COVID this is very low to ensure you’re not crowded by other groups), and, perhaps best of all in winter, there are changing rooms. There’s nothing worse than coming out of a natural hot spring on a freezing day and not having an easy way to change out of your freezing bathing suit!

Fairmont Hot Springs Private Pools

Aside from the public pools, Fairmont Hot Springs Resort also has private pools that are reserved exclusively for guests. The water is still heated naturally by the natural hot springs, but it’s far more exclusive than the public pools and you get a much more private experience!

The Nordic Wellness Package

If you’re looking to really pamper yourself and want a private experience, you can also book the Nordic Wellness Package, which includes a private timeslot in the Nordic plunge pools (one is boiling, the other is freezing!) and a $100 CAD Natural Springs Spa Credit. This is what we did last time we visited and it was seriously the perfect retreat.

The Nordic Wellness Package is available until April 30, 2021, and includes all of the following!

  • Two nights accommodation in a pool-facing deluxe king
  • 90-minute exclusive time slot to the Plunge Experience Room including our Nordic Style Pools (hot & cold), steam sauna & dry sauna
  • Breakfast for 2 at Antlers at the lodge
  • $100 CAD Natural Springs Spa Credit
  • Unlimited access to Canada’s largest natural mineral hot springs pools
  • Exclusive access to the relaxing resort-guest-only Natural Mineral Hot Springs Pool
  • Unlimited free Wi-Fi in your guest rooms and throughout the public areas of the resort
  • Complimentary parking

Definitely worth checking out if you want a more luxury experience!

Bonus Hot Springs!

Upper Fairmont Hot Springs

Seeing as you’ve read this far, we’ll throw in another bonus hot springs that most people miss out on while they’re at Fairmont Hot Springs, and this spot is a lot safer than the hot springs waterfall.

There are actually 2 possible places you can bathe at Fairmont Hot Springs; Fairmont Hot Springs resort (which is absolutely amazing and well worth a few dollars)) and the old bathhouse above.

These springs aren’t particularly impressive or built out. They’re just a big shallow warm pool full of thick silt.

So why would you choose to swim here? Simple! It’s the only hot pools in the area (that I know of), with an incredible unobstructed view of the sunset. We had one of the most stunning sunsets I’ve ever seen; all from the comfort of our very own hot pool!

best sunset in the kootenays - from a hot spring

The best part? Nobody really knows it’s here!

How to find the other secret hot springs at Fairmont

To get here you’re going to head back towards the springs entrance booth and the main road. When you reach the edge of the parking lot, cross the road and walk to another clearing opposite. You’ll know it’s the right one because there’ll be a large fuel tank along its edge.

Walk past the tank and up through a small gap in the trees. You should be able to see an old building ahead of you. Keep walking up the small hill until you see the hot pool! It’s pretty hard to miss if you know what you’re looking for!

Be animal safe

The last time we came here, there were lots of signs about cougar sightings. Seeing as you’ll probably be alone, it’s a good idea to bring some kind of protection (bear spray), or keep your wits about you at the very least!

Have fun!

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  1. April M Corbett

    there is no RV park at Lake Louise Fairmont? I dont understand your directions to either of the hot springs 🙁

    • Robin

      Hi April, Fairmont Hot Springs aren’t at Lake Louise in Alberta, they’re in a place called Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, in a town called Fairmont (British Columbia)! There are no hot springs near Lake Louise unfortunately

  2. JN

    Are they warm enough in December to get into the hot spring water? Or are they too cold to submerge this time of year?

    • Robin

      Hi Jodi,
      Yes they’re always quite warm at Fairmont, but not as warm as the actual hot springs pool above. There’s also nowhere to change, so it’s all fine until you get out and it’s freezing again!


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