Fairmont Hot Springs – How to find the Secret Hot Waterfall

Fairmont Hot Springs’ hot waterfall is probably one of the best kept secrets in the Canadian Rockies. Hidden in the East Kootenays in British Columbia, this beautiful hot waterfall is hiding in plain sight, directly under the developed and privately owned Fairmont Hot Springs Resort.

If you’re on a hot spring hunting trip to the area (this area is packed with hot springs like Lussier Hot Springs, Ram Creek, Fairmont and Radium), then you absolutely have to make a stop here!

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Secret hot Springs in Fairmont BC

The Hot Springs Waterfall

In my mind, I’ve never been quite sure if the water from the waterfall is coming directly from a hot spring or indirectly via the swimming pools above. One is significantly grosser than the other, but it’s something I’d rather not think about!

Either way, the water and the heat comes from a natural springs, cascading from the cliffs above and entering several shallow pools. The springs aren’t particularly deep, but the water is certainly hot enough to warm up in.

Fairmont hot springs BC

Either way, it makes for a nice escape from the winter frost, and we make the pilgrimage out here at least once a year! We usually stop here on our way to Lussier Hot Springs or Ram Creek.

How to find the Hot Springs Waterfall

The Fairmont Hot Springs waterfall is super easy to find.

Follow google maps all the way to Fairmont Hot Springs Resort (check rates here if you’d like to stay!) , and park in their parking lot. Walk to the end of the parking lot and walk down the hill as if you’re walking towards the RV park.

Within a few metres, the road passes over a creek bed, and you’ll see the creek heading off downhill. The creek wraps around beneath Fairmont Hot Springs and you’ll see a path along the edge of it on the left side.

hot pools in Fairmont BC - secret

Follow this path down the hill and around the corner until the Hot Springs waterfall comes into view!

Eventually you’ll have to cross the creek to reach the waterfall, and usually this involves a sketchy downclimb down the bank and across some flimsy logs being used as a makeshift bridge.


Bonus Hot Springs!

Upper Fairmont Hot Springs

Seeing as you’ve read this far, we’ll throw in another bonus hot springs that most people miss out on while they’re at Fairmont Hot Springs.

There are actually 3 places you can bathe at Fairmont Hot Springs; the paid resort, the hot springs waterfall, and the old bathhouse above.

These springs aren’t particularly impressive or built out. They’re just a big shallow warm pool full of thick silt.

So why would you choose these pools over the other two? Simple! It’s the only hot pools (that I know of), with an incredible unobstructed view of the sunset. We had one of the most stunning sunsets I’ve ever seen; all from the comfort of our very own hot pool!

best sunset in the kootenays - from a hot spring

The best part? Nobody really knows it’s here!

How to find the other secret hot springs at Fairmont

This time, instead of walking down the hill towards the RV park, you’re going to turn around and head the other direction, back towards the springs entrance booth and the main road. When you reach the edge of the parking lot, cross the road and walk to another clearing opposite. You’ll know it’s the right one because there’ll be a large fuel tank along its edge.

Walk past the tank and up through a small gap in the trees. You should be able to see an old building ahead of you. Keep walking up the small hill until you see the hot pool! It’s pretty hard to miss if you know what you’re looking for!

Be animal safe

The last time we came here, there were lots of signs about cougar sightings. Seeing as you’ll probably be alone, it’s a good idea to bring some kind of protection (bear spray), or keep your wits about you at the very least!

Have fun!

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