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I’m a born and raised mountain girl from Banff and my boyfriend fianc√©/ photographer Robin is a city boy from London, England. As a team we’ve covered over 35 different countries around the world. We’re absolutely obsessed with the outdoors, travel, and sharing our passion & insights with our friends and readers. Feel free to drop us a note and join us on the mountain.

Happy adventuring!

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  • Hiking up a storm before the leaves drop and I
  • Scotland has been nothing short of a dream come true
  • life is about exploring all the pastabilities   PC
  • feelinggrateful happy CANADIAN thanksgiving long weekend friends I get asked
  • so happy that no matter where I wake up in
  • the English wedding was a success  cant believe I
  • of all the places weve been Bali definitely stole the
  • theres no place like home   robintuck1
  • saw this lake at sunset perfect and I mean PERFECT
  • this could easily be my new favorite place in the
  • this was much warmer than our usual swims
  • madly in love with Skye as a Canadian its pretty

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  • Landscape unlike anywhere else on Earth   Trading mountains
  • Thanks everyone that turned out to our English wedding celebrations
  • Endless views from the Isle of Skye   Starting
  • This hike is so good that we had to do
  • Traipsing through the mud and the crowds wzylouisey and I
  • Nothing more romantic than waddling around one of the worlds
  • One of those days where everything came together perfectly Easily
  • One last look at the lakes before we head off
  • Currently packing on the pounds as we munch our way
  • Sometimes creativity is inspired by the most unlikely of sources
  • Those last few leaves of autumn are slipping away and
  • So this is what it feels like to be a

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