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I’m a born and raised mountain girl from Banff and my boyfriend fianc√©/ photographer Robin is a city boy from London, England. As a team we’ve covered over 35 different countries around the world. We’re absolutely obsessed with the outdoors, travel, and sharing our passion & insights with our friends and readers. Feel free to drop us a note and join us on the mountain.

Happy adventuring!

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  • we grew up on opposite sides of the world followed
  • forever the best day of my life   dress
  • one of my favorite mornings in the middle of this
  • Messy hair dont care  My hair is long and
  • looking forward to the next time Im in the wilderness
  • perfect peaks and perfect clouds  who else is stoked
  • guys what why HOW did we just skip fall and
  • please dont drop me this water is freezing
  • sometimes lake louise looks good enough to drink but I
  • never thought Id be missing this heat but its just
  • and just like that my little sister is married and
  • my little sister is getting married in a week does

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  • Who else likes to explore by themselves? Its something I
  • One of the few photos we managed to take while
  • Things Ive learnt from our adventures in the desert 1
  • Went looking for autumn and found something better While everyone
  • Im terrible at packing the right things for hiking I
  • Lately Ive found myself in a bit of a creative
  • Havent managed to get out for too many hikes so
  • ad Is anyone else terrible at keeping their equipment in
  • Not quite what we had in mind when we decided
  • Cant express how happy I was to see my new
  • Anyone else pumped for some fall hiking? Got out last
  • Finally had some rain so Im gearing up for some

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