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HEYYY! Nice to meet you 🙂

I’m a born and raised mountain girl from Banff and my boyfriend fiancĂ©/ photographer Robin is a city boy from London, England. As a team we’ve covered over 35 different countries around the world. We’re absolutely obsessed with the outdoors, travel, and sharing our passion & insights with our friends and readers. Feel free to drop us a note and join us on the mountain.

Happy adventuring!

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  • ad dont own a dog yet but this onell do
  • exploring one of our favorite places in Bali with the
  • we finally have the free time to climb mountains again
  • Officially Mrs Tuck!! On June 30 2018 robintuck1 and I
  • too awkward to have my photo taken properly but danipurington
  • travel has brought many gems like this into our life
  • help! putting together a candy buffet and I need to
  • Literally my idea of the perfect home
  • so I did the typical Vegas bachelorette with a twist!
  • summer is here! and Im mostly stuck inside planning the
  • heading back to this beautiful place on Friday whos around?
  • dreaming about my next trip to ZionVegas in just 3

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  • Almost took a running jump when I saw that sparkly
  • We had a good run for a while but seems
  • Its basically raining sideways right now So theres no better
  • Dusted off an old friend over the weekend Stoked to
  • With the wedding being so close Ive been in serious
  • Found myself working on my speed landscape photography last night
  • Getting packed for another trip down to the this part
  • Aside from getting married the best part of the last
  • One of my favourite mornings on our recent US road
  • Still my favourite spot in the world  erikmcr
  • ad Coffee and a view life doesnt get much better!
  • Hard to put into words how happy I am to

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