The Golden Skybridge Experience in British Columbia

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For the last couple of years, Pursuit has been developing an amazing adventure park in Golden, British Columbia, known as the Golden Skybridge.

With a name like the Golden Skybridge, you would be forgiven for thinking that the Golden suspension bridge is the only thing on offer here, but honestly, there is SO much to do here. It’s the ultimate family adventure park, and it’s only slightly more than an hour from Banff.

This blog post is going to talk about all the amazing things to do at the Golden Skybridge, and will run through absolutely everything you need to know about planning your trip!

What is the Golden Skybridge?

First things first, what is the Golden Skybridge exactly? I suppose it would be more accurate to call it the Golden Suspension Bridge, but to be honest, they’re so high they really do feel like sky bridges!

golden suspension bridge golden skybridge

So the first attractions at the Golden Skybridge are actually two massive suspension bridges that take you from the initial staging area to the majority of adrenaline activities on the other side of the ravine (they are actually the first and second highest suspension bridges in Canada).

but there is also axe throwing, ziplining, rock climbing, a high ropes course and brand new this year; a mountain rollercoaster, and an absolutely massive canyon swing. There’s easily enough to keep you occupied here for an entire day!

The Golden Skybridge

Once you’ve bought your ticket for the Golden Skybridge experience, you enter into a village area where you can immediately spot a number of different activities (axe throwing, climbing wall and various play areas). It’s also an area where you can grab lunch and drinks (including alcohol – great if you’re a parent waiting while your kids go off and have fun), use the facilities and hang out in between activities.

view of the golden skybridge

If, like us, you’re keen to dive straight into the main event, then you’ll walk straight through the village, past the various play areas and straight to the first jaw dropping upper suspension bridge. If you’re scared of heights, this is where it gets real.

lower golden suspension bridge

The bridges (two of them – upper and lower) are suspended over an enormous ravine and river. To your right, you’ll see a huge waterfall, and to your left, you’ll see the incredible Purcell Mountains (the Dog Tooth range and Kicking Horse Ski Resort across the valley).

Once you’re on the bridge, there’s no turning back as you follow the one way loop to the other side.

The bridge definitely moves, bounces and wobbles as you walk, so you’ll probably want to hold on to the handrails. But don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe. The Golden suspension bridges are designed to hold up to 32,000lbs (apparently the weight of 110 black bears! – I assume this wasn’t tested but I would love to see a photo of that).

The second suspension bridge is what you’ll cross on your way back to the main village, once you’ve completed some of the other activities that are in store.

What else is there to do at the Golden Skybridge?

We’ve already spoiled the surprise, but yes, there are plenty of other activities to do at the Golden Skybridge, and if you buy the Adventure pass, you get to experience all of the following (once) with your ticket: Railrider Mountain Coaster + Canyon Edge Course + Sky Zipline + Axe Throwing + Climbing Wall

Even if you do every activity only once, you’ll likely need most of the day to complete it all. For this kind of adventure, it would definitely be wise to budget most of the day here!

The Railrider Mountain Coaster

The Railrider Mountain Coaster at the Golden Skybridge is awesome, and if you’re familiar with the Revelstoke mountain coaster, it’s similar in concept, but a completely different experience.

This mountain coaster is a lot more similar to a traditional roller coaster, as it’s a loop that starts by winching you to the top of the circuit before letting gravity take over.

Golden mountain roller coaster

Each cart on the coaster is designed to carry up to two people, so it’s great if you have small kids or you’re a couple with a combined weight of less than 310lbs. Unfortunately, I’ve eaten far too many pies this year and Louise and I absolutely blew past the combined weight limit. Sadly that meant we had to ride separately.

The carts are also fitted with brakes and sensors, so you can go as slowly as you like around the bends, and it will automatically brake if you find yourself too close to the cart in front (much to our surprise).

Unfortunately if you get stuck behind a slowpoke, there’s nothing you can do about it and your cart will slam on your brakes for you. But we did 5 laps and this only happened once (so there’s a low chance this will happen to you!).

For what it’s worth, we had our brakes fully released the entire way around. There’s no need to brake at all (in case you’re wondering).

The track is so much fun, and you’ll absolutely scream down the 73m vertical course. There are lots of twists and turns, which take you right to the edge of the ravine at high speeds. We lapped the roller coaster so many times…it’s that good.

Please note that the Adventure pass only allows you to do the roller coaster once, and each subsequent lap costs $15 (or $30 for 3). There may occasionally be unlimited ride options, but this is something you’ll have to ask about when you visit in person.

The Canyon Edge Course

If you came here for thrills, then the Canyon Edge Course is going to be right up your alley. This is a high ropes course through the forest, where you’ll put on a harness and a helmet and traverse the wobbly rope bridges and obstacles, 40ft in the air! There are three different routes, including a very simple one for younger kids.

Golden Canyon Edge Course

The Canyon Edge Course is included in the Adventure pass and generally will take at least an hour to complete. If you’re scared of heights, this will definitely get your heart racing!

Ziplining at Golden Skybridge

To get back across to the main village area, you have two options:

  1. Take the second suspension bridge back across
  2. Zipline back across the ravine

The zipline takes you right from the top of the rollercoaster area and zooms you over 1000ft back to the main staging area. There’s no better way to see the Columbia Valley than on a high speed zipline!

Up to 4 people can zip across at once, so there’s plenty of space for groups to zip across together!

You can zip across with your backpack, but holding a camera isn’t allowed. Fortunately, the entire park is set up with cameras to catch all of your different experiences!

Golden sky zipline

The line up for the zipline was quite long by the time we got around to it, and I think part of that is because they take safety so seriously here. Every person is briefed fully about correct safety procedure, which inevitably takes a bit of extra time. Make sure you budget plenty of time for this activity as well.

Giant Canyon Swing

Whereas most activities here are suitable for both kids and adults, the Canyon swing seems like something that only the most hardcore grownups will be brave enough to attempt.

When we visited, Golden Skybridge was putting the final touches on the experience, so we unfortunately weren’t able to try it (it’s not officially open yet).. but it looks equal parts epic and terrifying!

Golden giant canyon swing

For this ride, you will have to literally step off a platform into the ravine, at which point you’ll free fall until the rope catches you and swings you out! It’s not quite a bungee jump, but it’s pretty close (in my opinion).

I will 100% be coming back to give it a try! I can’t think of anything else like this in the Canadian Rockies, so it’s an awesome opportunity to try something a bit different!

Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is rapidly becoming a quintessential Canadian activity, and nowhere seems more appropriate to try it than at the Golden Skybridge, surrounded by forest.

Step into the cage with 3 friends and compete to see who can hit the bullseye! Safety is clearly a major concern here, and the staff were exceptionally diligent with this activity.

Climbing wall

Climbing in the outdoors is always fun, and Pursuit has built an absolutely world class 28ft climbing wall at the Golden Skybridge that can be enjoyed by almost all abilities. There are plenty of routes with different difficulties, and up to six people can climb at once. It’s all included in your Adventure pass, so it’s definitely worth giving a try.

golden skybridge climbing wall

If you’re visiting with kids, the climbing is right next to the picnic area, so it’s a great activity to do if some people need a break/lunch and others want to continue on with the activities.

Treetop Play Park

We didn’t really spend any time on the kids playground (for obvious reasons), but if I was small again I would have absolutely loved it.

Golden skybridge kids playground treetop village

There are plenty of things to climb, slides, suspension bridges and swings, and if you have small kids, they will absolutely love running around everything that’s on offer here.

Golden Skybridge Frequently Asked Questions

Is there food at the Golden Skybridge?

The food options are what you might expect at an outdoor adventure park (burgers, onion rings etc), but they were far higher quality than we expected. You’ll find the food options in the main Village outdoor space.

I had the spicy Nashville chicken burger that easily rivals any chicken burger you’d find at a restaurant. There were impossible burgers for vegetarians, and plenty of other options.

the village golden skybridge

For drinks, the Golden Skybridge serves alcohol, and there were 4 beers on tap (I couldn’t resist a Fernie ‘What the Huck’), as well as plenty of canned alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in the fridge.

If I was a parent that was visiting with a group of kids, I would probably post up at one of the picnic tables with a beer and a burger and be utterly content.

How much is the Golden Skybridge?

There are several types of tickets at the Golden Skybridge; general admission, the adventure pass, tickets to the Giant Canyon Swing and a Golden hour ticket (entry after 5pm in the summer)

General admission tickets

This includes the two suspension bridges and the 3km of trails around the park. This is ideal for parents and family members that aren’t too bothered about doing the activities and are mostly there to watch their kids.

Booking online is generally cheaper than buying tickets when you arrive.

  • Adult general admission: $40
  • Kids general admission: $30
  • Online costs Adult/kids: from $35.10/$26.10

Adventure Pass

This includes access to the park as well as one turn on the following activities:

  • Golden Skybridge Admission
  • Railrider Mountain Coaster
  • Sky Zipline
  • Canyon Edge Challenge Course
  • Axe Throwing
  • Climbing Wall
  • Adult Adventure pass: $70
  • Kids adventure pass: $60
  • Online costs Adult/kids adventure pass: from $62.10/$53.10

You can also buy additional goes on Railrider Mountain Coaster, Canyon Edge Challenge Course, Sky Zipline, Axe Throwing or Climbing Wall: $15 for one more activity or $30 for 3

It is a good idea to book your Adventure pass in advance, as during busy times you may be allocated/need to book an arrival time.

Golden Hour tickets

If you visit in the summer, when days are incredibly long, you do have the option to visit after 5pm for a slightly discounted ticket. These are available after June 24. These can’t be bought online. As of June 2023, Golden hour passes cost the following:

General admission Adult/kid: $32.2/$21

Adventure pass Adult/kid: $64.2/56.2

Giant Canyon Swing tickets

This is one turn on the massive swing into the ravine.

  • Solo: $99
  • Tandem: $69

Tickets can’t be bought online for this.

Additional goes on the swing are $50 (solo and tandem).

Where is the Golden Skybridge?

Golden Skybridge is located in the town of Golden, just minutes from the city centre. The turnoff is just before you enter the town.

From Banff/Canmore/Calgary, follow the Trans Canada (Highway 1) Westbound. The exit is on your right hand side just after you exit the mountains and descend downhill towards the city limits.

Once you exit the highway, everything is well signposted and you’ll be there in just a few minutes.

  • How far is Golden Skybridge from Banff? 1 Hour 36 minutes, 137km or 85 miles
  • How far is Golden Skybridge from Canmore? 1 hour 47 minutes, 160km or 99 miles
  • How far is Golden Skybridge from Calgary? 3 hours 5 minutes, 262km or 162 miles

Is the Golden Skybridge fun for adults?

Absolutely! As long as you’re ok with heights and like a bit of an adrenaline rush, this is a place that turns every adult into a kid again. Obviously there are tons of kids running about, but I really can’t think of many adventures in the Rockies that are more unadulterated fun for adults than the Golden Skybridge.

Is the Golden Skybridge suitable for kids?

Yes absolutely, but some rides and activities have a height, weight or age minimum.

Canyon Edge and Sky Zipline requirements:

Participants must be at least 6 years old, minimum weight 27kg (60lbs), max weight 113kg (250lbs), minimum height 158cm (62″/ 5’1″) with fingertips stretched overhead, and to fit accordingly in the harness.

Rail Rider Mountain Coaster requirements

Participants must be at least 3 years old. Kids between the ages of 3 – 8 must ride accompanied by an adult (16 years or older). Max weight combined per cart is 113kg (310bs), minimum height for the driver 132cm (4’4″) and 91cm (3′) for the passenger.

How much time do you need to experience the Golden Skybridge?

I would say at minimum 4 hours to do everything and make the most out of your ticket. If you’re only doing the suspension bridges and general admission, maybe you could rush through it all in an hour, but if any other activities are involved, you’ll want to stay for 4 or more hours at least.

Are pets allowed at the Golden Skybridge?

No, generally speaking pets are not allowed at the Golden Skybridge (apart from service animals). However, there is an off leash dog area right next door!

When is the Golden Skybridge open?

The Golden Skybridge is open seasonally (predominantly in the summer months).

Depending on the weather, the season runs from May 12 – October 9. Opening hours may vary depending on the month.

Where to stay when you’re visiting Golden?

There are plenty of great places to stay while you’re in the area. Probably the easiest place to stay is in Golden, but there are limited hotels in that area.

For a bigger range of hotel options, you could stay in Banff or Lake Louise (make sure you check out our ultimate hotel guide!). Or, if you want something really spectacular and are combining this trip with some more of Pursuit’s activities on the Icefield, you could stay at the epic Glacier View Lodge!

Other things to do while you’re in the area

There are so so many things to do in Banff, Canmore and Golden while you’re here. Here are a couple of links to more things to do in the area!

Final thoughts about the Golden Skybridge

We genuinely had such a great time here and can 100% recommend it for any adventurers looking for easy thrills! Not everyone is interested in hiking or climbing, so it’s nice to have another option in the mountains that doesn’t necessarily require too much physical ability.

This is also a fantastic place to stop if you’re driving from Banff or Calgary to Vancouver and are looking for a good way to break up the journey. I would absolutely stop here for a few hours before continuing onwards on my trip.

The Golden Skybridge Experience in British Columbia

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