Night Skiing in the Rockies

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If you are one of the many that have been misled into thinking that winter sports are a daytime-only activity, then we have some awesome news for you. We all know there are very few things to do in Calgary on those long winter nights, so this post is all about finding those places that let the adventures continue on past sunset.

Night skiing at Norquay:

Night skiing at Norquay runs every Friday and Saturday evening (until Feb 28th) from 5pm to 10pm, and costs only $69 for a season pass. Bargain!

Night skiing at Norquay really caters to two types of people; beginners looking to improve their technique after hours; and those that are looking to improve their park skills.

As someone that loves to dabble in park skiing, Norquay night skiing was the perfect place for me to practice my spins and have a go at various features. There are tons of beginner boxes, rails and small jumps to get started with, and as your confidence builds, the features get bigger and bigger. With jumps and rails ranging from Small to XL, there’s something for all abilities and levels of insanity.

norquay night skiing

Norquay night skiing

The lift line also goes right over the park, so it’s also a great place to sit and admire the pros practising some ridiculous tricks.

If aerial tricks are something that you’re looking to improve, you might even be lucky enough to go on a night where they’ve brought out the big airbag. It’s one huge kicker with an air bag to land on; the perfect place to huck yourself off with no consequences. It’s definitely better than landing on hard snow!

norquay night skiing

Norquay night skiing

N.B, there’s obviously a significant amount of risk involved with park skiing, so please exercise caution, wear appropriate protection, and do it at your own risk!

Once you’ve had enough night skiing for one night, or if night skiing isn’t really your thing, there’s still one more good reason to head up to Norquay on a Friday or Saturday night; tubing!



Tubing (This is a daytime shot, but it’s the same at night!)

Tubing at Norquay is a huge amount of fun. For the uninitiated, tubing means sitting in a big inflatable ring, and being pushed down a long chute at high speeds. Think sledding, only much faster (and arguably safer). The guys running the tubing were heaps of fun last time and would spin you or boost you off as requested. It’s way more fun than you’d think just by looking at it, and we’ll definitely be back again for another go!

The other great thing is that there’s a conveyor belt to take you and your tube back to the top of the hill again each time, rather than you having to lug it back up again over and over – those things are heavy!

 Canada Olympic Park:

Finally, if heading to the mountains seems like too much hard work, then there’s also night skiing in Calgary, at Canada Olympic Park. COP night skiing runs on 3 lifts from until 9pm on weeknights, and is another great way to practise mid week before heading out to the mountains on the weekend!


If you’d like any more information then feel free to email us at [email protected]. Happy shredding!

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