Product Review: Casio G-SHOCK Women MSG-S500 Watch

Mar 30, 2020 | 1 comment

This post was sponsored by Casio G-SHOCK Women. All opinions are my own.

Let me just start off by saying that I’m not a watch person. This is mostly because I’m an odd mix of super sporty and adventurous but I still love being a girly girl. I like to climb mountains and jump in alpine lakes in the morning and dine at 5 diamond restaurants at night. That means sports watches are typically too bulky and I can’t style them with my outfits. It also means that all the classier timepieces that catch my eye don’t have the functionality I’d like or the sturdiness to withstand our many adventures. 

I’ve been wearing G-Shocks since High School

That being said, I’ve been a fan of G-SHOCK Women’s watches since junior high when I was introduced to the Baby-G line. I remember rocking that super adorable baby blue sports watch to school and I couldn’t have been prouder. Back then I was a true tomboy and I loved how the heavy duty watch looked on my wrist and the fact that I could time my laps around the school field and bring it to swim meets with me. 

The Casio G-SHOCK Women MSG-S500 Watch

g-shock women watch

Fast forward quite a few years and I honestly think I’ve found the perfect watch for me. The Casio G-SHOCK Women MSG-S500 is not only beautiful, it has all the functions I look for. My favourite features? Its Shock Resistant AND Water Resistant up to 100M. Any watch I wear needs to be able to handle the elements and this watch looks super cute while being super sturdy. 

G-SHOCK Women MSG-S500

My other favourite feature is the fact that it never needs a battery – it’s solar powered! That means it charges almost every single time I wear it. Not only that, but it has what most solar powered watches don’t have – a low battery alert. 

I can happily wear this watch every day with any outfit, and I don’t have to worry that it won’t match what I’m wearing. This is a lifesaver with my often packed schedule. Now if only I could remember to take my hair tie off my wrist 😉 

Check out the Casio G-SHOCK Women MSG-S500 timepiece and the rest of the G-MS line here: For more information, visit

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    buying this for my girlfriend…wow love the modern look to it.


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