Blogging/Instagram Resources


Helps you schedule Pinterest posts. Posting consistently on Pinterest is shown to drive big traffic to blogs and Tailwind is a great thing to have in your arsenal.


A great Freemium app (for phones and computers) that allows you to schedule your instagram and rearrange your instagram grid. Even the free version has great features.


We tried Bluehost before as a hosting site, but Siteground seems to be infinitely faster and their support/live chat has saved us from disaster countless times!

Photography Resources


A great site for honing your editing skills and learning a few extra tricks. Phlearn has a ton of good photoshop tutorials that have taught us a bunch of amazing techniques. The tutorial videos are also super easy to understand.

Adobe Creative Suite

We couldn’t live without Adobe. Lightroom and Photoshop are incredible and can turn a good photo into something incredible. If you haven’t got this already, you are seriously limiting your potential!


A great app with various presets to create the perfect look you’re going for. We sometimes use these filters on Instagram photos instead of working away for hours on Lightroom! Great filters to use in a pinch!

Northern Lights Resources

Clear Dark Sky

An awesome free tool to help predict the sky conditions for astro and Northern Lights photography. I can tell you that it’s saved us dozens of wasted trips out to the mountains and it can really help you get that perfect shot.

Soft Serve News

Soft Serve News is a fantastic resource for tracking Northern Lights storms. Sign up for Twitter updates so that you never miss out on them again. Tells you how strong a storm will be and how long it will last!


This is another Northern Lights resource that uses boots on the ground to give Aurora reports. Based on “Yes/No” answers to, “Did you see the Aurora?” Really useful to use in tandem with Soft Serve News.

Places to Stay

Great hotel comparison site we use all the time. Just one of many out there, but we usually have a preference for this site as it often offers free cancellation and no upfront payments which allows us to be more flexible.

Another Booking site we use quite often. This site has always been good when booking longer vacations as it’s possible to earn a free night for every 10 nights booked. Not all hotels apply but it’s saved us a bunch of cash!


Yes yes you’ve probably already heard of this, but still worth mentioning! Great alternative to hotels that is quite often cheaper and more flexible too. Great way  to meet new people sometimes and good for longer stays!

Cheap Flights


Skyscanner is a great site that we’ve used for years to find the cheapest flights. If you can be flexible, you can search for everywhere and you can unearth some serious hidden gems. Always good to use a comparison site for the best deals!

Google Flights

Sometimes the simplest option is the best. Google flights are a great place to hunt down great deals on flights. Kind of the same as Skyscanner but never hurts to have more than one option!


You might have heard of the company that got sued by airlines for finding great deals? This site finds you hidden deals when the destination you want to visit is actually a layover on a longer journey. Genius.